Utilizing the experience of [KILLY EDNA], which handles original items and select items such as bags and cloth miscellaneous goods, we aim to produce higher-grade sustainable and high-quality products.
Produced an original woodworking clasp [沐 -moku-] with a woodworking craftsman in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture. A clutch bag that combines beauty and functionality has been completed.

We will disseminate to the world “the only product in the world” that combines “kimono and obi”, which is a wonderful traditional craft of Japan, and silk fabrics and original fabrics from Japan and overseas.



更にワンランク上の女性のあり方をテーマにした新ブランド【HANA TOKYO】を立ち上げ、今までの経験で得たアップサイクルの素晴らしさ・環境に優しい製品を提案。
熟練した職人と組み”Made in Japan”の技法の高さを世界に発信していく。

With the birth of her daughter, she started making baby items (tote bags and baby bibs) and established the bag brand [KILLY EDNA] in 2008.
In recent years, she has been focusing on overseas selection and is working with the goal of “helping women enjoy themselves.”

She launched a new brand [HANA TOKYO] with the theme of a higher-grade woman, and proposes the wonderful upcycling and environment-friendly products that she has gained through her experience.
She teams up with skilled craftsmen and she conveys the high level of “Made in Japan” techniques to the world.